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We're actually trying to get on steam.

2016-03-26 10:02:08 by hentaicook

Hentai on Steam, crazy huh? Uhh..  Feel free to vote yes or no, or just do what you do.

New fix for loading issues.

2016-01-07 04:49:04 by hentaicook

If you're having any loading issues around day 10, please try playing the game at 


A new fix was introduced that affects the html file, rather than the game swf itself, so the fix can only be found exclusively at our server.

We've added a failsafe "reload" button that should unfreeze that nasty loading bug that's been going around. Hopefully that'll resolve the problem, post or pm me if you have any problems.

Aching Dreams 3 is out.

2015-11-03 06:25:44 by hentaicook

It's been four years. Keep any've you guys waiting?

Play it at!

Voice Demo is out.

2010-06-10 11:43:13 by hentaicook

The voiced demo is out, also the game has been pushed back until July 21st. Check out the details at

Demo is out

2010-04-09 03:14:30 by hentaicook

Check it out at ic.php?f=5&t=2052

Demo release later today.

2010-04-07 05:55:30 by hentaicook

I might be able to get it out today or tomorrow.

There's been some cuts because we lost a team member though. The voice acting isn't going to be in the game (YET!) because I've been having a pretty hard time getting the actresses together.

As a result, I'm going to go ahead and release the voiceless demo today or tomorrow for people that have been (patiently) waiting for it. Next week, depending entirely on voice actresses, I'll release the demo again with voices on newgrounds for the first time.

Two voice actresses have sent in their lines. I'm going to delay this until tomorrow. Sorry!


2010-03-27 19:26:42 by hentaicook

The next demo will be released on April 7th 2010. Thank you for your patience.

AD2S 2nd Demo coming

2010-03-02 04:42:30 by hentaicook

The first demo is already out on
Another demo with 5 more stories is coming March 25th, 2010
The final Free/Paid versions of the game will release on May 31st, 2010.

If you're a girl and you want to voice act for this game, please contact me.
Males will be able to apply for the main role at VAA when the time comes for auditions. ( I voiced the demo, but we're looking for someone better)