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Aching Dreams 3 is out.

2015-11-03 06:25:44 by hentaicook

It's been four years. Keep any've you guys waiting?


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2015-11-03 07:52:34

Yes. Do you feel bad now? (Because you shouldn't.)

Either way, time to find out whether #3 lives up to its predecessors.
I'm optmistic, though. :)


2015-11-03 12:29:21

wow you were alive?

hentaicook responds:

Yeah, other than on my personal blog, I don't post anywhere regularly. I'd rather post just once every four years saying "it's done" because that has more impact and it doesn't flood your inbox. It's not the best business strategy but it puts my mind at ease.


2015-11-03 22:13:18

Hey, your work is great - do you have a Patreon?

hentaicook responds:

Not at the moment. We plan to. Patreon just seems very incompatible with our business model (I mean 4 years)


2015-11-05 00:20:05

Send my regards to rydrolysis! Awesome guitar.

hentaicook responds:

He says "wow, glad to hear that". Don't give him all the credit though, it was I who directed him on how to play... lol jk yea he's gud.