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2010-03-27 19:26:42 by hentaicook

The next demo will be released on April 7th 2010. Thank you for your patience.


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2010-03-27 20:28:55

and about what gonna be the game??

hentaicook responds:

....You can play the current demo at


2010-03-27 21:43:25

cant wait


2010-03-28 05:41:04

unless you intentionally made it so you can only do the Sienna's first story over and over again and made it so you can only access the stat screen once(aside from the conversation with Beatrice), there are numerous bugs in this version of the demo. also, Beatrice's voice overlays if you speed through the conversation, and the voice for the main character and Jessica stop working correctly(meaning some of the dialogue has the voice, and some doesnt(and im not confusing the dialouge for actions or inner thoughts)after the first scene(again, not sure if that was intentional, but it was there in the last version as well).

please note: i am not trying to criticize, i am just trying to draw your attention to potential problems.

hentaicook responds:

Don't worry, I know about all of the bugs. I've got an internal quality assurance member on that job, you don't need to tell me... hehe

The latest build has the majority of these fixed. Not all. The stat screen bug nearly killed me. But the bad bug is dead.


2010-03-29 16:13:20

Will this delay cause a delay in the full version's release? I hope this doesn't sound impatient, and I'm sorry if it does, I'm just really excited for this game, it's looking to be absolutely amazing.

hentaicook responds:

I'm confident the game is going to be released by the end of June 2010. I'm working on it every day. The reason why we had delays before 2010 was that the work was frozen by other work not being done. It's a common problem, one person doesn't do this, that means you can't do that. For bigger companies it's okay to lose some progress with individual workers, but with a small game like this, it's taking out a whole wheel.

This time around though, I'm almost doing all the work in terms of Story, Programming, Art, Voice Producer. Not everything, I've got two teammates but they don't share as much responsibility. The game was originally slated for May, but pushed back simply because I didn't know how much work it was going to take. It's a huge game, I'm working on it every day, my life depends on it, so you can look forward to a Late June release.