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Aching Dreams 2nd Session is OUT!

2010-07-29 18:32:24 by hentaicook

Play it at!


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2010-10-14 13:25:16

is it actually out or is it still the demo?


2011-01-01 10:08:13

I love the game guys keep it up lol any games like this one comes out in full and ill be on it ^^. if it was longer and more to do i would say it would make a killer RP console game.


2011-02-09 14:04:49




2011-10-26 17:28:24

lol it wouldn't let me leave another comment. i agrre with what your saying if all goes well with the money hopfully you can do a more interactive part 3 creat a char abilitys go through stats the whole nine yards online based with 3d realistec xhars etc

they make a whole alot of money.

P.S. don't worry i'm a bit of a smart ass myself lol


2011-11-07 16:00:55

accidentally posted a reply to your game that I meant to put on another game. My apologies. Your game was quite the opposite as far as me disliking the game. Again, not meaning to diss your game, was on another page originally and must've switched.


2012-01-27 01:01:51

Sorry for being rude on the demo of AD2, I should've spent more time playing it rather than making a review on just an hour playthrough, I did notice some sex scenes in the captured images on the "Masturbate" option at your room, I never came across a sex scene in the Demo, thanks for correcting me. I'm definitely going buy AD2 in the passing week or two. Waiting for my birthday on Sunday.


2012-07-20 02:06:38

make a 3rd my friend. you did good with the first and 2nd one.


2014-07-26 07:18:40

I can't wait for the 3rd one to be finished!

hentaicook responds:

Neither can I!


2014-09-20 11:01:32

Do you know if the 3rd Aching Dreams will also be pay-to-play?

hentaicook responds:

It'll be pay to play alright.


2015-03-15 06:28:18

dude, plz tell me how to unlock candice!

hentaicook responds:


Hint: Read what Candice says to you carefully. If you still can't get the answer, I'll give you the answer in a year. Email me a year old paypal receipt, or if you haven't bought the game, you can email me now, and I'll email you the answer in a year.