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Aching Dreams 2nd Session

2008-03-23 22:55:00 by hentaicook pg
It's coming everyone! THE SECOND EPISODE OF ACHING DREAMS! Take a look at the picture, you'll be glad you did!


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2008-03-28 18:41:06

cant wait for aching dreams 2


2008-03-29 15:42:51

Fantastic game, looking forward for Season 2
ive achived all achivements in the game, here are all cheats
solarflare - stats build up faster
lunareclipse - get more money when you work
ultramanseven - start with both stats 120 and 500 gold
corona - veiw Tayio's sex scene
cognitum - veiw Selena's sex scene
trine - threesome sex scene


2008-03-29 15:45:00

Here are the cheats I found and what they do.

solarflare - stats build up faster
lunareclipse - get more money when you work
ultramanseven - start with both stats 120 and 500 gold
corona - veiw Tayio's sex scene
cognitum - veiw Selena's sex scene
trine - threesome sex scene
credits - view the credits

When you put in one of the sex scene cheats you view the scene, all of it, then get a 'Game Over.' There is an old lady who tells you that you didn't have sex, then you start over. If I missed any, please post them.
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2008-03-31 18:08:13

I look forward to it.


2008-04-06 18:02:46

You'll be charging money for AD2? How disappointing. <////3

(Updated ) hentaicook responds:

We aren't 100% sure yet, more like 90% sure. What! You don't think we deserve a little money for all our work on the game? You're 17 anyway, you're not suppose to be looking at naughty works. Even if you tried to buy it, I'll personally see you get your money back.


2008-04-09 20:33:08

I didn't say that. You artwork was very good, and your writer did as great job with a story. I'm not into Dating Sims much anymore, because they usually lack a compelling story. The one that you two made was very good though, mainly because of the story. You guys did a great job with the first, I'm sure the second will be equally or probably better. Its just disappionting that it'll be a game you must pay for.

Oh and btw, LOL@YOU! You really expect anyone over 18 to be going to Newgrounds and watching Hentai Dating Sims? Thats a laugher.


2008-04-27 18:01:21

you are awesome XD


2008-05-06 00:19:49

Awesome, I can't wait for it!


2008-05-08 20:07:14

Omg dude this freaking sucks your charging T_____T why did you have to do this to me!!! You know you deserve to get money but not for this kind of game T___T! I waited for months but this sucks T_T.


2008-05-10 16:24:19



2008-05-13 12:43:41

I liked the original as much as the next guy but come on! Having people pay for an incremental increase in content is disappointing to say the least, regardless of the popularity of the original. I hope you decide to reconsider.

hentaicook responds:

It's its own story. If you enjoyed AD1, you'll enjoy AD2S. We're adding a lot of new content to justify the price, so please don't say incremental increase...

Aching Dreams is not going to put food on my table. Hell, for the amount of work that will be done, probably I wont even get 1 dollar an hour. Aching Dreams has always been a hobby for us, but we're going to see what happens if we try to sell this.

I can understand if you won't buy it, but please let us justify the price tag. Aching Dreams 1 was a huge amount of work for us, and we've released it for free. You want more free stuff? Find someone else.


2008-05-16 00:20:07

I think that you deserve to be paid becaus seriously, people what is $10-$15. Don't be cheap these people work hard and deserve some kind of reward. But what I want to know if you could possibly explain the roles of the new characters before the game comes out. In other words, give us a little heads-up about the new characters.

hentaicook responds:

There will definitely be a demo out for AD2S. That's going to cover the character explanation, but I'll take the time to answer anyways..

There's Jeanne. She's the left one with blond hair in the AD2S commercial... She's a cop. The girl on the right with a bow and dark hair, that's Carmen. She's a thief. These girls are going to be at conflict, it's up to the player to side with one or settle their differences (wink on that one). There's going to be more characters than that. A sorceress girl with white hair, and a black girl too. There's also going to be animation in the hentai scenes, so that means a LOT of work from me.


2008-06-18 21:44:52

You'll be charging, huh? Not a very wise choice... People will hate you for that, as much as they like your work. I'd recommend you added it to some website and "demanded" an amount of donation for the work, so everyone can pay a little bit, and everyone will get to see it once the amount is reached. If it isn't reached by the end of the game, you just give everybody's money back and sell it (or just give the game to the people who DID donate, and sell the rest).

You can tweak this idea if you want (or just ignore it completely), but I don't recommend all-out selling. You'd becomes infamous.


2008-07-18 18:44:34

how i get the super secret ending?


2008-09-14 11:11:38

who did the voice acting,xd?


2008-11-11 11:39:18

nice game shame you're gonna charge 4 the 2nd one but hey its your game and your decision XD


2009-03-26 22:42:54

If u do charge money u should take ur time and turn it into a full game and not just another dating sim no matter how good it is, because i think its unfair to charge for a game well all end up beating in an hour or two and never play again.


2009-04-19 23:43:24

oh come on...when is it going to come???we have been waiting long enough...i mean we are STILL waiting for the full version of hentai sim girls don't let us wait that long for aching dreams 2...the fans are here to support you man just bring it to is =)) good luck


2009-09-12 11:29:50

Hey can you submit a demo version of Aching dreams 2 on newgrounds?


2009-11-28 11:15:33

i know that a big game takes time, and there's probadly a few amount off people making this game, but i dont think you'l be finnished before 2010... but i would like to see a prewiev, or screenshots, or anny thing off that matter... i dont want it to be another Linemarwel incident, where you promisses to make it, then you dissapear. please lett us know that you are working on it. again screenshots would help.


2010-01-05 16:03:08

ITS 2010 dipshit


2010-01-24 18:41:36

Hey I'm happy to pay for it. I actually have a job, unlike these 13 year olds you often find on this site. Just where do I buy it? I cant seem to find it. I sure hope it hasnt been cancelled.


2010-08-05 19:23:31

Why it shouldn't have a price tag:

1. You said it yourself it's your hobby. You don't make money off a hobby it's for fun. In fact, most people spend more money on hobbies than they'd ever make selling it.

2. If the price tag is ten bucks that's far too much. I can get Plants Vs. Zombies or a myriad of other fantastic flash games for much cheaper.

3. It's a flash game. You're not selling a console that you have to make money off of, it's not a hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pit. Your advertising was free essentially.

4. A lot of people aren't going to go out and buy it. They're just not. With the internet people get more pornographic material than they'd ever need for free. You're not fighting in a very competitive market.

5. You're not needing it to put food on the table, as you said.

It's ambitious and probably well designed but I didn't think your first one was very challenging and the fact that it was free was a big factor. If this one isn't more challenging why would anyone pay for it? It was clever but hardly challenging. Don't ruin the prize cow by milking it. It's for show.


2010-08-05 19:25:19


Someone's just going to pirate it. How much chance have you got when big name companies with budgets and oodles of cash can't stop the geeks of the web?